#LBFDeepDive Plastic Recyclates 2024

The #LBFDeepDive is dedicated to selected issues relating to the use of recycled plastics along the value chain.


Impulse lectures by LBF experts will present the latest research findings, technological developments and practical challenges. Clearly presented and with a high level of application relevance.
Do you have individual questions and challenges? The #LBFDeepDive offers the exclusive opportunity to discuss them and develop initial ideas for solutions.


#LBFDeepDive topics

  • What are the fundamental differences between recyclate and virgin material?
  • What are the possibilities and limits for improving the quality of plastic recyclates?
  • How do I obtain successful recyclates using additives and post-stabilization?
  • What potential is there for reducing emissions and odors?
  • What are the possibilities and limitations in the context of recyclate analysis (impurities, composition, rheology, ...)?
  • How do we assess the service life (weathering, ageing, fatigue)?
  • What are the processing challenges when using recycled materials?
  • What are the methods for designing technical components with recycled plastics?

A tour of the plastics laboratories offers exclusive insights into this research work.

Take advantage of the opportunity for further training on the above topics, including adaptation to your everyday work and networking with colleagues.

Join us and secure one of the 40 exclusive places at the event on the day before the Praxisforum!